Melanie Cashmere

‘A Cashmere Love Affair’

Melanie Cashmere was founded two years ago, child of creative director Melanie Costa Leite whose aim was to forge a timeless luxury cashmere fashion brand that surpassed the expected and approached cashmere in a new and intelligent way. A love for the fabric, each piece is created with intention and purpose, classic and simple silhouettes as well as modern ones, using only the best raw materials produced in Italy, Scotland and Portugal by artisans of the yarn.  

The first collection is a selection of pieces that Melanie found missing in her personal wardrobe and longed to have. “I love lace and thought it would look incredibly chic and feminine to add to a cashmere jacket”. This has become the signature concept, the marriage of luxurious cashmere with the elegance and detail of French lace. 

The colour palette is based on neutral earth tones, with some pieces offered in a baby blue, blood red maroon and khaki green offering contrast and depth. The inspiration here is the natural and the desire to travel and to be amongst nature, away from urban hotspots and buzzing cities. The soft nudes, camel and the maroon in the collection conjure images of silent antiqued streets by the water in Portugal, Melanie’s home.  

An appreciation for luxury and quality has given birth to pieces that are effortlessly wearable and focuses on the quality of the materials used.