An Insider’s Guide to Cashmere

September 25, 2016

Melanie Costa Leite

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As purveyors of the highest quality cashmere money can buy, the Melanie Cashmere team are absolutely authorities when it comes to the finest product. Part of this commitment is bringing our loyal customers all the information they need about their favourite fabric.

We know you love cashmere as much as we do, or you wouldn’t be here on our site but just what is it that has made this material so very popular over the centuries? In this article we look to give you all the facts about the historic material and just how it has become a fashion staple.

What is cashmere?

Cashmere (or Kashmir in its native land of India) is famous for producing two things, wool and cricket bats but it is the former that really put it on the map. The goats from the region are somewhat unique in the fact that they have a double fleece, which is what makes Cashmere wool so very intriguing and unique.

The outer layer of the Cashmere goat’s fleece is made up of course hair designed to keep water out and protect the inner fleece, keeping it well protected from the elements throughout the goat’s life. This is what makes the material so soft and ensured that it has remained at the pinnacle of fashion since anyone can remember.

This is why proper Cashmere has to come from the goats in this north western region and their very close relatives. You will see imitation Cashmere in some of the cheaper retailers but you simply cannot imitate the wool you find in this region; you can see the full Melanie Cashmere collection here.

What does cashmere offer?

In addition to being a firm favourite among the big fashion houses, Cashmere has found such popularity due to the fact it is so practical. Here at Melanie Cashmere, we think there are three main factors which put it head and shoulders above sheep’s wool.

These are warmth, softness and resilience.

We all live active lifestyles these days so we need to know that as well looking the part, we need to be able to trust that our clothing is going to live up to the rigours of a modern lifestyle. Cashmere garments such as those that you will find in our cashmere tops range are so versatile that they tick all three of these boxes, giving you a fantastic peace of mind.

Cashmere wool can also be a great choice for anyone who suffers from skin conditions and who can suffer with more abrasive materials. The sumptuous softness of the material means that you can go out and enjoy yourself in complete comfort.

What is cashmere made of?

cashmere goat

So, now we know what animal cashmere comes from, what else is there to be said of this magical material?

We have established that cashmere is the wool of the cashmere goat, but what exactly is it made of and how is it transformed into some of the incredible garments you will find right here at the Melanie Cashmere site?

The aforementioned undercoat contains soft fibres which are essential for making the cashmere items you have come to love. However, it can take several years for a goat to produce enough of this wool to make even a single garment of clothing, this is why your quality cashmere is more expensive than your standard sheep’s wool jumpers and cardigans.

This fine cashmere goat’s hair is cultivated over a long period of time and can be quite labour intensive, once this is done it is then spun into a yarn ready for use. Certain areas of the cashmere goat also produce wool of varying qualities, which is why you will see the price of cashmere garments vary greatly.

Where does cashmere come from?


Kashmir is the historic home of Cashmere wool, a province which to this day has been fought over by India, Pakistan and even China. Hugely militarised these days, the majority of the cashmere wool you will wear will come from genuine cashmere goats and their close relatives although they may not necessarily be native to the region.

The insider’s guide to cashmere

We hope you have found our insider’s guide to cashmere useful. Knowing exactly what is cashmere made from and how it originates just adds to its appeal in our opinion and you can see all sorts of genuine, high quality cashmere jumpers & cardigans right here.

You can obviously rest assured that all the cashmere products at Melanie Cashmere are completely genuine and authentic but when shopping on the high street, be sure to check those labels to guarantee you are getting the real deal.

We also have all sorts of articles and resources available here at the Melanie Cashmere site. Our journal covers everything from cashmere style tips and lifestyle news, to coverage of the very latest fashion events. Be sure to take a good look through and ensure you have the lowdown on luxury cashmere at its very finest.

Learn about the cashmere we use and how our range was designed.

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