Cashmere is one of the most precious and luxurious natural fibres in the world.


Cashmere comes from the under fleece of cashmere goats that come mostly from China and Mongolia. As a way to protect themselves from the harsh winters, these goats develop a soft and thin fiber in their undercoats. The longer and colder the winter the better the cashmere fibre grows. Every spring the cashmere goats start loosing there fleece which is when the Shepherds help them by combing or shearing. Each goat produces per year on average 150 grams and 300 grams are roughly used per sweater. After the separation of the cashmere fibres from the guard hair the dying process begins. Lighter colours are rarer therefore more sought after!

Cashmere is highly desirable because of its versatility, it is soft, lightweight and also very durable. Demand is high and supply is scarce for the fact that it takes almost 4 years for one goat to produce enough cashmere for one single jumper.

At Melanie Cashmere we take special care with our yarn selection, choosing only the best Italian and Scottish Cashmere for our clothing.